Thursday, October 17, 2013

Download and Install Windows 8.1

Are you reading for Windows 8.1 coming?

As the Windows 8.1 published, do the rest of the world (Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.) buy a boxed copy at great expense ($120 for the normal version, or $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro). To download Windows 8.1 today for free, follow one of the methods listed below.

How to download Windows 8.1 for free

For Windows 8, if you don’t already have Windows 8, you can save some money by finding a discounted copy of Windows 8 upgrade and get the update free

Windows 7 users will be able to buy Windows 8.1 for a list price of $119.99 starting October 18. The installation should keep the files and folders on the computer intact during the upgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, but desktop applications will need to be reinstalled. You may want to start looking for the original installer discs or files for programs like Microsoft Office, and everything else you use on your current Windows 7 machine.

For Windows XP/Vista users downloading Windows 8.1, you can obtain a copy (and a license key) from a friend/colleague with an MSDN, TechNet, or DreamSpark (student) subscription, or you can download a Windows 8.1 RTM ISO from your favorite file-sharing website (The Pirate Bay, Mega, etc.).

The other easier, and completely legal, option is to download the Windows 8.1 Preview from Microsoft. It’s not as snappy as the final (RTM/GA) build, though, and has quite a few bugs/missing features. Bear in mind that if you go down this road, upgrading to a real version of Windows 8.1 will require a few more steps.

download Windows 8.1

What you should be noticed before install Windows 8.1.

Once you have the Windows 8.1 ISO on your hard drive, the installation process is painless. Before you begin, you should consider backing up your important files and documents, but it’s not really necessary. You should also ensure that you have plenty of free hard drive space (20GB+).

If you’re already running Windows 8, installing Windows 8.1 is as simple as visiting the Windows Store and downloading the free update.

If you’re on Windows 7, XP, or (bless your soul) Vista, you’ll need to burn the ISO to a USB thumb drive or DVD, or mount the ISO using a third-party virtual drive tool, like Magic ISO.

In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved.

Once you've installed Windows 8.1, you should check out our extensive collection of Windows 8.1 tips and tricks, to ensure that you’re making the most of all the new features.

At last, to keep Windows 8.1 computer safe, you may set account with password for pc login privileges. If there is problem of Windows 8.1 password forgotten, Windows 8.1 Password Recovery Tool should be your first choice!

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