Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Are You Ready for Windows 8.1 Coming?

Windows 8 was a success for Microsoft as the company said it sold 100 million licenses within just 6 months of its launch. (Windows 8 users now have 7.46 percent of all computer operating systems, Windows 7 still dominates, with nearly 52 percent of all computers, followed by Windows XP at around 21 percent of the market.)

There is nearly a year since Microsoft released the divisive Windows 8, and we will see the launch of Windows 8.1 on Oct, 17 -- an update to the tiled operating system that aims to fix many of the perceived wrongs of the first version, while introducing some very welcome new features.

Windows 8.1 Features

1. The most widely anticipated change in Windows 8.1 is the desktop’s Start button. However, the button’s just a shortcut that takes you to the start screen, and is unlikely to satisfy those who want a Windows 7-style Start menu.

Widnows 8.1 coming

2. Another feature of Windows 8.1 is the ability to multi-task in up to 3 screens.
Windows 8.1 will have up to three screens showing at once and all of them are live. You can be editing a document in one screen and watching a movie or Twitter in another.
The number of screen splits is determined by screen resolution. Some displays can handle 3 and others only 2. The size of each window is controlled by dragging the double-dot bar that separates the splits.

3. You’re also asked if you want to use Microsoft’s SkyDrive online storage service to back up automatically the documents and pictures you save to your PC. It’s enabled by default and, although we’re not fans of SkyDrive’s web interface, it’s  always a good idea to use online storage to keep copies of your most important  files. You only get 7GB of space free, so if you take a lot of pictures, you might be inclined to upgrade and pay for one of Microsoft’s SkyDrive packages. However, we still prefer more fully featured online storage services such as SugarSync.

Windows 8.1 free upgrade

Windows 8.1 is a free update for Windows 8 users, available on the Windows Store starting October 18, 2013. Users of Windows 7 and earlier versions can buy Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Full Version for $120, available on pre-order from Amazon.com.
Here’s a tip. If you don’t already have Windows 8.0, you can save some money by finding a discounted copy of Windows 8.0 upgrade and get the update free. Amazon.com still has Microsoft Windows 8 Pro – Upgrade for $85.

Should you decide, having made the switch to Windows 8.1, that the OS refresh isn’t for you, you won’t be able to simply uninstall it. Instead you’ll need to restore an existing backup, or do a fresh install of your previous OS.

The last but not the least, after you upgrade Windows 8.1, then meet password problem, how to do? Take it easy, there are solutions to help reset Windows 8.1 password if lost or forgot Windows 8.1 login password! The Windows 8.1 Password Recovery Tool will work for it!

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